Ode to Cash Flow

October 16, 2012 No Comments by KC

In my accounting course, the professor introduced an exceprt from a poem by Herbert S. Bailey, Jr. about cash flows.  It went like this:

Though my bottom line is black, I am flat upon my back,
My cash flows out and customers pay slow.
The growth of my receivables is almost unbelievable:
The result is certain unremitting woe!
And I hear the banker utter an ominous low mutter,
“Watch cash flow.”

He made it seem like it was supposed to be a song.  But there was no music—it was more like a dramatic recitation.

It had been a while since I straight-up composed and produced a song, so I figured I would dust off the ol’ multi-track, fire up the instruments, and write a tune to go with the words.  Here it is; two versions for your listening (and viewing) pleasure: pop and symphonic.

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